Earlobe Repair

Earlobe Repair Surgery

To correct and repair torn, stretched, or split earlobes.

During a simple, out-patient procedure, a straight or zigzag incision is utilized for earlobe repair.

Minimal to no-downtime.

Earlobes are easily pierced because of their soft cartilage, and pain and recovery following piercing is minimal. Heavy, dangling earrings, however, can compromise the soft, delicate cartilage of the lobe. Overtime, or during an accident, earrings can actually tear the lobe, splitting the lobe in two. Large earrings which stretch the skin, known as gauges or other forms of body art, can also compromise the delicate soft skin of the earlobe, causing long-lasting stretching and structural damage. If you’re unhappy by the appearance of your split, stretched or torn earlobe, Dr. Sharon Giese offers earlobe repair at her NYC, AAAASF Accredited, surgical suite.

Overall, there are 3 main types of common injuries. The following illustrations show the surgery process frequently adopted to repair each one.

Split Earlobe

Stretched Earlobe

Tribal Piercing Earlobe


Earlobe repair is one of the most direct and simple in-office procedures available. Even if both ears are being repaired it only takes less than an hour to perform the surgery. When dealing with torn and split earlobes, or earlobes that have been significantly stretched, Dr. Giese will not only rearrange the soft tissue but also replace the tissue that has been damaged. Alternately, with patients that have experienced only a partial tear, she will remove the damaged skin and suture the lobe back together with small stitches. After the surgery is complete you can expect your unspoiled, natural-looking earlobes back.

Earlobe repair is performed under a local anesthetic, so you will still be awake but unable to feel any pain. After the procedure it is very likely that you won’t need any pain medication, since most patients only experience mild discomfort after the surgery. You can expect some aching or throbbing feeling where the surgery was done, but this is usually gone within a day. Most likely the stitches will be removed within one week following the procedure.

The recovery process after the repair is as unique as the patients are. But most patients should be able to wear earrings again in the very near future. We advise waiting for six months for the ears to fully heal before re-piercing your ears.


Patients can enjoy a beautiful, gracefully-shaped lobe after earlobe repair in NYC. Only a pencil-thin scar may remain, which can be hidden by subsequent piercing, if desired. In some instances, patients will retain their ability to wear earrings, but no matter the outcome, they are encouraged to only wear light studs.

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