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body lift

Smooth Your Shape With Body Lift

Massive weight loss from diet and exercise or bariatric surgery often leaves people with unwanted skin and fat folds. This condition is virtually impossible to correct by diet or exercise alone, and a body lift may be required. People suffering from excess skin are often embarrassed and frustrated by their appearance during a time when they should be celebrating their weight loss. Excess skin and body folds can also be physically uncomfortable, trapping in moisture, causing rashes, and impeding movement. Surgery is often the only means available to address this condition. Dr. Sharon Giese performs body lift surgery at her NYC office to reduce the sagging skin and drooping folds caused by sudden and extreme weight loss.

A body lift, technically referred to as belt lipectomy or lower body lift, is also referred to as a ‘round the world’ tummy tuck because incisions run all the way around the waist. Unlike the tummy tuck which only addresses the abdomen, the body lift address the flanks, abdomen and back. By extending the incision around the entire body, the thighs and buttocks are lifted and back folds are removed. Other procedures may be required for full correction, but the body lift is comprehensive in its results. By removing all the excess skin and fat, you will achieve many body sculpting goals.*

Body Lift Benefits:*

  • A smaller body
  • Better fit into clothing
  • Increase physical comfort
  • Enhance body image
  • Attain tighter, smoother skin
  • Reduce cellulite

The best candidates for a body lift are in good shape and have achieved a stable weight with a BMI less than 25. Many decide to undergo lower body lift after achieving massive weight loss following gastric bypass or lap band surgery.  It typically takes at least one year after weight loss surgery to reach this target BMI. In addition to weight loss surgery, a body lift may also be performed to address saggy skin and body changes following pregnancy and resultant weight gain and loss. Researching the level of training and experience of your surgeon is very important. Training, experience and results vary greatly among surgeons, so speak to Dr. Giese to understand the transformative results she can achieve.

Ideal Candidates Patients who have severe excess skin following weight loss will benefit most from this a belt lipectomy. The best candidates are in good shape, have a normal weight (BMI < 25), and have achieved a stable weight.*
Procedure A body lift takes approximately four hours to perform and is generally performed in the hospital followed by a one or two overnight stay. *
Recovery Patients may resume regular activities two to three weeks following body lift in NYC.*
Results Patients can enjoy a more shapely stomach, back and thighs, and excess skin can be removed with a lower body lift.*
Outcome Excess skin that may interfere with daily activities, cause discomfort, and be cosmetically unappealing can be reduced. Removing the excess skin and fat leaves patients smaller, better able to fit into clothing, and more comfortable in their skin. Overall, skin can appear tighter and smoother.*

* Patients individual results may vary.

During the lower body lift, excess skin and fat is removed from around the entire mid-section. The surgery takes about four hours to perform and is generally performed in the hospital followed by a one or two night stay. You can walk after surgery and may slowly resume regular activities within two to three weeks.*

Dr. Sharon Giese and her staff are happy to schedule a consultation with you about body lift. For more information on plastic surgery, body lift in NYC and Dr. Sharon Giese, please request an appointment online or call us at 212.421.3400.